Seismic design methods of concentrically braced steel frames

SUMMARY – The work described here is addressed to the evaluation and the comparison of different seismic design methods of multistory steel frame structures with concentric braces. In particular, a multistory frame is designed through both the simplified method currently proposed by the recent code provisions (OPCM 3431, DM 24/01/2008, Eurocode 8 ) and an alternative simplified one, based on the partial contribution due to the brace under compression. The assessment of the seismic response of the two structures is then performed by means of static analyses, where the non-linearities of the geometry and of the materials are included, in order to compare the related seismic performances. In addition, the seismic response of the frame designed with the new method is assessed through non-linear dynamic analyses and incremental dynamic analyses, to particularly highlight the properties of the alternative adopted method, which permit to achieve less conservative solutions, more economical in terms of amount of material and characterized by more effective collapse mechanisms.

For this paper is available an extended abstract after the text in Italian

Ettore Fagà, Davide Bolognini, Roberto Nascimbene