CITESCORE (SCOPUS)   2021 = 5.5                                   CITESCORETRACKER (SCOPUS) 2022 = 5.6

        IMPACT FACTOR (Clarivate Analytics)  2021 = 2.875       5 Years IMPACT FACTOR (Clarivate Analytics) = 2.521   


The Journal, founded by Prof. D. Benedetti at Politecnico di Milano,
started publication in 1984.
All scientific papers are subjected to an anonymous review process.
Ingegneria sismica is part of the COMPENDEX and SCOPUS database
Gianmario Benzoni, Univ. of California San Diego, USA

  Associate Editors:
Fernando Fraternali – Universita’ di Salerno, Italy
Rosario Montuori – Universita’ di Salerno, Italy
Maria Adelaide Parisi -Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Fausto Giovannardi, Giovannardi e Rontini, Italy