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Policies and ethics

Ingegneria Sismica – International Journal of Earthquake Engineering follows the single blind peer-review procedure for submissions of all manuscripts. Single blind is the most common type of peer-reviewing in which the identity of the reviewers is not disclosed to the authors of the submitted manuscript. All submitted articles are subject to peer review in consultation with members of the journal’s Editorial Board and independent external referees; (usually three reviewers). All manuscripts are assessed rapidly, and the decision taken by the journal’s Editors based on all the peer reviewers comments, is then conveyed to the author(s).

The authors should ensure that their works are entirely original and if the authors have used part of the work of other authors/papers, that this has been appropriately cited.

Aims and scope

The main subject of the Journal is earthquake engineering, a non-exhaustive list of topics is the following one: earthquake resistant design, seismic retrofitting,  experimental and theoretical behaviour with both deterministic and probabilistic approaches, critical analysis of code requirements,  structural control, base isolation and supplementary energy dissipation.

Case studies (i.e. the design of new structures, the analysis or the retrofitting of existing structures etc.) are not accepted. These types of papers could be considered only if they are related to clear scientific or technical innovation.

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