In this paper, a novel metallic energy dissipation device named wheel shaped damper (WSD) is proposed. The WSD mainly consists of the ring plate with spoke, moving plate and fixed bottom plate, which in the damper is the energy dissipation element by yielding the rings with spokes. For this purpose, a numerical study was performed using the finite element method through ABAQUS. A total of 12 WSD models were cyclically analyzed under quasi-static. Study parameter variables included thickness rings, number of rings, number of spokes, spoke thickness, and width on the behavior of WSD. Also, validation experiment was performed on experimental dual damper for finite element model. The results show that the WSD has stable hysteretic behavior, excellent energy dissipation capabilities, ductility factor and desirable displacement capacity. As a result, the energy absorption capacity of the WSD increased with the increase of all parameters, including the number of rings, the spokes (reinforcement plates), spoke thickness, width, and ring thickness. Overall, the results indicate that the new damper is far more efficient at absorbing energy than a conventional pipe damper and is several times more effective. Equations were extracted for WSD in order to estimate the capacity of the energy absorption characteristics. A good agreement was observed between results obtained of the equations and FE Method. The analyses illustrate that the WSD can significantly enhance the structural seismic performance..

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Hojatallah Azarkhosh, Erjun Wu, Guangdong Zhou , Majid Pouraminian,Ashkan Doroudi