Damage analysis of the town of Onna (L’Aquila) after the April, 6, 2009 earthquake

The paper addresses the analysis of the seismic damage of Onna, a village near L’Aquila almost completely destructed during the 6 April event. A purposely developed data form has been used to collect the ob- servations of several surveyors. The analysis of the construction typologies, of the seismic vulnerability and of the damage lead to the conclusion that the poor characteristics of the masonry played a dramatic role in the seismic damage suffered by the buildings, despite that some typical historical seismic provisions were present (limited height of the buildings, wood ties). The low level of damage of some unreinforced masonry buildings in Onna, built following a good construction practice, indirectly confirms the heavy role played by the seismic vulnerability in the damage observed.

For this paper is available an extended abstract after the text in Italian.

Elisabetta Aisa, Alessandro De Maria, Adriano De Sortis, Utilio Nasini