FREEDAM connections: advanced finite element modelling

FREEDAM connections consist of a symmetric friction device connecting the lower flange of the beam to the column by means of L-Stubs. This assembly prevents the damage of the connected members and dissipates energy by means of the slippage between the clamped steel elements and the friction pads of the device. In order to characterize the monotonic and cyclic performance of the joints equipped with friction dampers a comprehensive and extensive parametric finite element (FE) simulations have been carried. The FE models have been validated against the experimental results of the tests carried out within the FREEDAM project. The performed FE analyses allowed evaluating the response of both external and internal joints with the FREEDAM devices. In addition, different geometries of the friction dampers and the relevant beam-column assemblies have been investigated. The FE analyses confirmed the effectiveness of the design assumptions and the satisfactory performance of the investigated joints

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Roberto Tartaglia, Mario D’Aniello, Raffaele Landolfo