To investigate the contribution of the beam-column connection on the anti-collapse capacity of the steel frame structures, on base of the the experimental and analytical studies of predecessors, the numerical simulations with simplification for the joints are presented. The nonlinear static and dynamic analysis methods are employed to assess the anti-collapse capacity of the structures under the column removal scenario. The related researches are developed from three aspects including the vertical displacement above the failure column, the beam axial force and the dynamic increased factor. The allowable rotation angle of steel beam in GSA and the test-based ultimate plastic strain of steel are considered as the collapse criterions. The results show that the the anti-collapse capacity of the structure attaching damper joints is considerable. And the damper in the connection possesses good damping effect. Finally, based on the energy balance method, a DIF-based limitation for assessing whether the structural collapse occurs or not is found, and a simple method for comparing the anti-collapse capacities of different structural systems is proposed.

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Wang Pengfei, Gao Shan, Wang Sheling, Wang Xiaofei