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  • “Dolcè Viaduct”: Pier Seismic Analysis with the Italian Code and Euro-Codes

    Damages due to seismic action on bridges are a direct consequence of the elastic approach of their design. The introduction of the new seismic norm in Italy and in the world have prescribed a ductile behavior for the piers subjected to action of earthquake. The bridge design based on a ductile behaviour of piers uses the for- mation of plastic hinges to reduce seismic action by dissipation of energy. The design of the “Dolcè” Viaduct, an important bridge of next realization in Verona area. This viaduct has me- dium span and composite structure steel-concrete, for it is evaluated the different security level and ductility of the seismic response depending on the configurations of the piers. The study takes into account the Euro-codes and the Italian norm.

    For this paper is available an extended abstract after the text in Italian