In this study, an effort has been made to evaluate the effect of source parameter (SP) on the distribution of structural response by considering its median and deviation. Several parameters including soil classification, fault type and both identification of near-fault effect which are distance and existing of the pulse in records are studied. Two common Intensity measures (IM) were taken into accounts: PGA and SA(T1). The distribution of response is estimated by multi-stripe analysis of structure to increasing scale of selected records. The results were shown that choosing of Sa(T1) reduced the effect of SP but the influence of soft soil and forward directivity pulses (pulse in both components) still significant. In PGA as IM, soft soil and forward directivity pulses and fault type are increasing median and decreasing deviation of response.  In general, it can be concluded that soil type, fault type and existent of the pulse is the most influential parameters in the distribution of responses respectively. In the end, bearing in mind that the deviation of response is not constant, simple and source parameter independent formulation for estimation of deviation of drift of structure was introduced to reduce the uncertainty of using constant deviation in future researches.

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Ali Saadaie Jahromi, and Kiarash Nasserasadi